Fall ART Classes

Mommy and Me

18 months - 2 years

Designed to bring out the artist in us all “Start At Art” Mommy and Me classes will offer an engaging one on one art experience while combining sensory play, artistic concepts, and fun messy process-oriented art to give your child a hands-on experience. This class is designed for active and curious toddlers and sitting is never required!!
Hey, you just might get to meet a few moms and chat a bit while getting messy!
Coffee and refreshments will also be available. The best of both worlds!

Classes will consist of clay and play-doh sculpting, fun with finger-painting, colorful collages with dried pasta, beans, buttons and other fun materials, and much more!! Thematic elements are also incorporated such as nature, seasonal themes, stories, and music.

Kids Art I

Ages 4-6
SESSION I (75 min) - TBA
Mondays 10:00 am
Fee: $60.00/4 sessions

Kids Art I provides our future artist with the opportunity to explore various art materials. A different theme and art concept will be introduced each week through cutting, pasting, ripping, drawing, and painting. Students will explore different materials, improve fine motor skills and enhance creativity.

Kid’s Art II

Ages 4-6
Fee: $60.00/4 sessions

Each class will focus on a different artist.  Some are famous, many are well-known, and there are a few surprises thrown in! Children will learn about the artists' techniques by trying it themselves! They will explore materials like charcoal, pastels and pencils, ink, acrylics and sculpture. Students will get familiar with composition in art, improve their creativity and fine motor skills.

Story time Art

Ages 3-6
SESSION I (75 min) - TBA
Mondays 11:30 am
Fee: $60.00/4 sessions

Story time with a twist!  Story time Art incorporates the written works of talented artists into weekly art projects. Each week a different story will be explored. Picture books are chosen from both well-known and newer authors. Kids will do projects based on both the stories and the artists’ techniques. They will enhance their creativity through art while exploring different media and learning about composition in art.

Learn to Draw
Ages 6 and up
SESSION I (90 min) - TBA
Wednesdays 4:30 pm
Fee: $75.00/4 sessions

Students will learn intermediate drawing skills. Classes will focus on basics such as line, shape, proportion, perspective, and other design principles, while learning technique and use of materials. Each class, students will have individualized instruction based on their current skills. This class helps students find their own style and develop their artistic abilities. We will work with still life, landscape art (fun outdoor class), and portraits. Students are encouraged to draw daily in a sketch book that they get to keep.

Oodles and Doodles of Drawing
Ages 5 and up
SESSION I (90 min) - TBA
Thursdays 4:30 pm
Fee: $75.00/4 sessions

Dungeons and dragons, Castles and princesses…
This is a fun and exciting approach to drawing.  A very relaxed and open session in which I help the children draw their favorite fantasy characters using basic lines and shapes.  Children are encouraged to create their own imagery based on simple practices of drawing. The students are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity while exploring the basic design principles. You have to see what some of the students come up with! So fun!

 My goal is to inspire kids to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. I will provide an environment for one on one to work with each child, answer questions, demonstrate techniques and encourage exploration. Many children find a new interest in exploring their own creativity. We will paint, draw, sculpt, design, imagine, and explore using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques, all in an atmosphere of fun! 

*For more information please email me at dpcustomdesign@yahoo.com
*All sessions consist of 4 classes. (Make-up classes available) 
*Per-class rates are available at $18-20 per class
*Individual classes are also available upon request.

Sessions are held in New paltz, NY. The beautiful Hudson Valley.
There is a limited availability due to space, I will be offering them out of a small cozy-  but bright, artwork filled room in my house set up for some art fun!! Feel free to come on by and visit!! 845-675-7568